Friday, July 12, 2013

DKE Toys Release San Diego Comic Con

   Check these guys out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been working long and hard in the studio creating two series for DKE toys Comic Con release.

 All of the some 3,000 runny bunny figures I have created up til this point have been essentially one of a kind. The Beatnik Owl Dude is the first figure I have made using a single mold to produce the final piece.

 Each of the Beatnik Owl Dudes have  been made from start to finish in my Greensboro, N.C. studio.  I must give a shout out to  my best buddy who helped me make molds and clean greenware. Julie is the most awesome designer/ creator of furniture and spaces I know. And I get to hang around her! And she helps me if I ask! I love Julie.

 The Bernice Beggadear limited edition of 50 has been created using parts from two separate molds which I then assembled. Each piece is slightly different from the next, therefore each  is one of a kind.

 All are signed and numbered and happy to be out and about flirting with the world.

I also had the joy of making a new friend through this project, Leanne Pizio
Leanne is an amazing designer/creator with a flair for fun that I immediately clicked with. Leanne offered the use of her mack mamma kiln which brought the project home. There were chickens running around everywhere. With their heads on.  I could not have imagined a better ending to the project.  I love Leanne!


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