Monday, February 3, 2014

I have been working on a new group of figures for my Valentines signing at the new P!Q in Grand Central.

The show is just days away and I am getting so excited. I drove to  a somewhat rural ceramic supply warehouse south of Lexington N.C. today called Ceramic Source. I really was in heaven there as they carry what seems to me to be  the complete line of Duncan and Mayco glazes. Superb! They also have all sorts of bits and pieces necessary to make lamps and other fun vintage ceramic items. I can't wait to go back.

  As for the up coming signing at P!Q, I have 42 pieces underway. I decided to do a small run of one of a kind variants on   Beatnik Owl  and Bernice Beggadear for a special Valentines love party.  Attending will be 14 Beatnik owl friends each  different  in some fashion. Most  wearing hats and  glazed different colors. I was also able to   freshly  fashion 11 Bernice Beggadear figures. Each  with unique Haute couture hats,  different head postures and  colors.Look for some in white. This will be the last of Bernice and Beatnik for 2014.

  The photos here are a few of the other 17 pieces I will be bringing to New York. I picked up a couple of giant 70's speakers from an estate sale this summer and have had them proudly cranking out Wings, Beatles  and Bee Gees the last couple of weeks in the studio. Live and let Die, Jive Talking, and Jet. In case you were wondering.

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